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NX and AVL join forces to level up Virtual TestBed and Software Toolchain for electric powertrain electronics development

May 28, 2024

We are thrilled to share our collaboration with AVL, the leading automotive testing solutions provider, to revolutionize electric vehicle drivetrain testing. AVL has selected our cutting-edge motor control platform specifically designed for inverters, and also DeveLinkSTUDIO integrated diagnostics suite for AVL’s next generation VTB systems.

By combining NX products with AVL’s testing expertise, we offer a seamless solution for EV manufacturers to optimize electric drivetrain performance. Our collaboration streamlines the testing process, reduces time to market, and ensures high-performance electric vehicles.


What are we trying to achieve with this collaboration?

Our main goal is to help our customers accelerate the roadmap for their transition to developing and integrating electric vehicles.

The role of electronic systems in the automotive industry is continuously expanding. As the number of electronic functions increases. This electronic functions results in the associated software becoming more complex and expansive.

As a mission-critical industry, the automotive development process must adhere to regulatory standards such as ISO 26262. Following standard development procedures can have a positive outcome on the success of automotive functions and software. V-Model is one of the widely used software development processes in the automotive industry.

To put it simply, V-Model (where V stands for verification and validation) splits the development process into two parts – the left arm of the V consists of requirement analysis, function design, and software development while the right arm concentrates on the verification and validation activities followed by the release. The V-model is an extension of the waterfall methodology. V-Model emphasizes testing, particularly the need for early test planning.


What tools can be used to accelerate this process?

Hardware in the Loop (HiL) systems are crucial for automotive electronics development for several reasons. They allow for the testing and validation of complex electronic control units (ECUs) and systems in a virtual environment before physical prototypes are available. This can significantly reduce development time and costs, as well as improve the quality and reliability of the final product.

HiL systems enable engineers to simulate real-world conditions and test how ECUs will respond to various inputs and scenarios. This is particularly important in the automotive industry, where safety and reliability are paramount. By using HiL systems, developers can ensure that automotive electronics are thoroughly tested and validated, which helps to prevent issues once the vehicles are on the road.

Moreover, HiL systems support the development of advanced features such as autonomous driving and electrification. They provide a platform to test and refine algorithms, sensor fusion strategies, and control systems that are essential for these technologies.


How are we collaborating together?

All NX products from the O series to the R series use the same control platform to comply to the highest safety and performance standards using Infineon Aurix TC3xx microcontroller.

The Infineon Aurix TC3xx is a powerful microcontroller unit (MCU) designed for automotive and industrial applications1. It’s developed and documented following ISO 26262/IEC61508 to support safety requirements up to ASIL-D/SIL3.

Key features of the Aurix TC3xx include:

  • TriCore™ ( 3 cores) running at 300 MHz (with 4 additional checker cores delivering 4000 DMIPS)
  • 16 MB flash/ECC protection
  • Up to 6.9 MB SRAM/ECC protection
  • 1 Gbit Ethernet
  • Redundant and diverse timer modules (GTM, CCU6, GPT12)
  • EVITA Full HSM (ECC256 and SHA2)


The TC3xx microcontrollers offer the ideal combination of real-time capability, data security, and functional safety for ISO 26262 system requirements up to ASIL-D/IEC 61508 or SIL-3. The certification of the TC3xx family was carried out by TÜV Saarland. The Aurix TC3xx is also optimized for enhanced safety and includes new cybersecurity modules to meet the new ISO 21434 standard.

NX will supply this state of the art digital platform to AVL to be part of the next generation HiL systems.

AVL will setup a Virtual Testbed and Software Toolchain to show to benefits of Virtualization and Frontloading development tasks of inverter development and calibration. The Digital Platform will be part of the system that will be tested to perform the following activities and verifications tests:

  • E-Motor control calibration
  • Dynamic driving performance optimization
  • Switching technicques research and optimization
  • Safety functions verification
  • Vehicle safety cases emulation
  • Software robustness verification


How will NX client’s benefit of this collaboration?

At NX Technologies we are constantly searching for the technology frontiers of our products and the state of the art. This collaboration will provide an accelerated process iteration to discover, develop and verify new software functions that will make our products be even better in the future.

Collaborating with a leading industry player such as AVL is also proving evidence of NX excellent technology which it’s being used by leading industry OEMs, Tier 1s and Engineering companies to develop next generation electrification systems.


In which products can I find this technology already implemented?

NX Technologies uses same digital platform across all high voltage inverter portfolio and battery Management system which enables safe, efficient and reliable performance. Explore all products here.

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