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NX’s scalable and modular technology enables a wide range of applications.


Electric motorcycles require the integration of components in very small spaces. NX can supply small and lightweight motor controllers, maximizing torque output per ampere, efficiency and easy integration.d


NX provides automotive-grade traction components for off-road applications that also demand quality and safety. Our offerings include inverters for high-voltage and low-power applications, as well as for auxiliary systems.

Passenger Car

NX’s range of light duty solutions ensures optimal performance and reliability, even in the most challenging environments. All of our products are compliant with ISO26262, cybersecurity standards and cost competitive for large series production.


Marine traction systems require robustness and high continuous power over long periods of time. NX products are designed to provide prolonged continuous power through its innovative heat management and high efficiency rates.

Heavy Duty

To reduce the weight and size of batteries of heavy duty applications, our ultra-efficient systems help extend the battery range in vehicles that need it the most, like electric buses or electric trucks.

Our products

From motorcycles to heavy-duty vehicles, our inverters and BMS are designed to fit a wide range of e-mobilty platforms. Explore how our products can improve the compactness, cost-effectiveness and functional safety of your vehicle with easy-to-integrate technology

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