About us

Accelerating the electric revolution

Power electronics for a cleaner, smarter and more efficient future

NX was born to challenge THE STATUS QUO, finding smarter ways to create technology for electrification

NX is a technology company offering advanced electronics products for electrification. We have an extensive industry experience after working for many leading automotive players. Now we challenge the traditional methods to create innovative ways and make excellent technology accessible to all.

We support our clients in the transition to electrification. We put Software in the center of our designs which leads to enhance product competitiveness. We supply easily integrable power electronic components for electric mobility, suitable for both battery and hydrogen-based architectures.

From industry pioneers to emerging start-ups, we empower ambitious leaders to drive the electric revolution

We develop products at a faster pace than the industry. This approach allows us to achieve excellent power density and efficiency ratings while reducing overall complexity by:

  • Enhancing efficiency through software functions.
  • Leveraging on existing cost competitive technologies.
  • Reducing design cycle times to bring latest technology as early as possible to the market.

We partner with our clients to accelerate the adoption of electrification, supporting them in every step of the process.

Our mission


Democratize electrification with quality

The energy transition should involve all industry layers, and we aim to provide equal technological access to everyone.

Improve energy use

We develop technology to be excellent at transforming energy, with a commitment to creating a more sustainable future.

Boost new mobility

The concept of mobility is already being redefined, and we are ready to deliver innovative, high-performance electronic solutions to meet the upcoming needs of the automotive industry.

Our values

Smart courage

As explorers, we are constantly searching for new ideas to add value to our clients through innovation in both processes and tools.

Accesible excellence

We stand for making accessible cutting-edge products, aiming to democratize electrification across all industry sectors.

Elegant rebellion

We challenge the status quo to unlock solutions and boost electrification at a faster pace than the industry.

Customer focus

To effectively anticipate and simplify the needs of our clients, we place them at the center of every decision and action we take.

Meet the team

We are a solid team with a strong commitment to professional excellence. We are agile and dynamic and have previously worked in companies such as Porsche Engineering, AVL, Ferrari, Sevcon, Infineon, Lithium Balance and Punch Powertrain among others.
CTO & Co-Founder

Jon Duroudier

Lead Product Architect

Xavier Descarrega

Head of Financial Department

Nahia Blanco

Head of Business Development

Asier Sáenz

Head of people & culture

Nerea Oroquieta


Board of Advisors

We are supported by a high experience Board of Industry experts to support and mentor us in our strategic goal

Ignacio Martin

Ex-President of Gamesa Ex-CEO of GKN US. Board of Repsol Board of Acerinox

Dr. JM Cubert

Ex-Head of Engineering in GKN. PhD in Electric Machines

Andoni Cortajarena

Ex-Head Legal Affairs Gamesa. Head of Legal in Viscofan

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